How To Search

Collections are arranged alphabetically, by the name of the creator. A complete list of collections is on the Index to Collections (A – Z) page.

To search the collections using a particular name or keyword, enter the search term (such as Slavery or Civil Rights) in the Search Box in the top right corner of the page.

If you know the name of the collection you are searching for, you may go to the Index of Collections (A – Z) page, and search for the name of the collection on the page using Ctrl + F.

Categories were created by staff based on the prevelance of particular subjects in the various collections. You may also see all the categories, and all the collections under a particular category, by selecting the drop-down menu under ” Browse by Catagory” on the home page.

You may also browse by the repository the collection is in by clicking on either the Southern Historical Collection or the Southern Folklife Collection on the homepage under “Browse By Repository”.