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Grigsby Family Papers, circa 1918-2002.

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Creator: Grigsby family.
Collection number: 5141
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Abstract: The Grigsby family of North Carolina and South Carolina; New Haven, Conn.; Detroit, Mich.; and Phoenix, Ariz., descend from Fred Grigsby (b. 1867), the son of a former slave. The Read more…

Walker Percy papers, 1910-1992.

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Creator: Percy, Walker, 1916-1990.
Collection number: 4294
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Abstract: Walker Percy was raised in Georgia, Alabama, and Greenville, Miss., and lived most of his adult life in Covington, La. He was the author of six published novels: “The Read more…

North Carolina Fund records, 1962-1971.

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Creator: North Carolina Fund records, 1962-1971.
Collection number: 4710
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Abstract: The North Carolina Fund, an independent, non-profit, charitable corporation, sought and dispensed funds to fight poverty in North Carolina, 1963-1968. Gov. Terry Sanford and other North Carolinians convinced the Ford Read more…

R. E. Coker papers, 1748-1968.

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Creator: Coker, R. E. (Robert Ervin), 1876-1967.
Collection number: 3380
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Abstract: Robert Ervin Coker (1876-1967) was a zoologist and marine biologist, associated with the United States Bureau of Fisheries from 1902 to 1923, professor at the University of North Read more…

John Charles Campbell and Olive D. Campbell papers, 1865-1962.

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Creator: Campbell, John Charles and Olive D.
Collection number: 3800
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Abstract: John C. Campbell was a missionary-teacher in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia; secretary of the Southern Highlands Division (based in Asheville, N.C.) of the Russell Sage Foundation; author of the Foundation’s survey of conditions in the Read more…

Manigault family papers, 1824-1897.

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Creator: Manigault family.
Collection number: 484
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Abstract: The Manigault family of Charleston, S.C., and plantations in the Berkeley District, S.C., and on Argyle Island in the Savannah River, Ga., included Charles, merchant and rice planter; and his sons Gabriel Edward, planter, physician, and curator Read more…

Daniel Augustus Powell papers, 1945-1983 (1950-1981).

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Creator: Powell, Daniel Augustus, 1911-1983.
Collection number: 4364
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Abstract: Daniel A. Powell was born on 29 July 1911 in Wilson, N.C. In the 1930s Powell worked as a salesman for the American Circulation Company, the Pacific Mutual Life Read more…

Penn School papers, 1862-2004.

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Creator: Penn School papers, 1862-2004.
Collection number: 3615
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Abstract: The Penn School on Saint Helena Island, S.C., was founded during the Civil War by northern philanthropists and missionaries for former plantation slaves in an area occupied by the United States Army. Over the years, with Read more…

Charles William Dabney papers, 1715-1945.

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Creator: Dabney, Charles William, 1855-1945.
Collection number: 1412
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Abstract: Charles William Dabney was a scientist, educator, and author. Also represented in the collection are four generations of his ancestors, including William Dabney (ca. 1707-1772?); Charles Dabney (1745-1829); Charles William Dabney Read more…

Goldband Recording Corporation records, 1943-1995.

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Creator: Goldband Recording Corporation.
Collection number: 20245
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Abstract: The Goldband Recording Corporation of Lake Charles, La., has played a key role in documenting and shaping musical traditions, tastes, and trends, both regionally and on an Read more…