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Contempo Records, 1930-1934.

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Creator: Contempo.
Collection Number: 4408
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Abstract: Contempo was a journal of literature and social commentary published by Milton Abernethy and Anthony Buttitta in Chapel Hill, N.C., from 1931 to 1934. Incoming Read more…

John Henry William Bonitz papers, 1863-1973.

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Creator: Bonitz, John Henry William, 1839-1913.
Collection number: 3865
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Abstract: John Henry William Bonitz was a German immigrant who came to Goldsboro, N.C., in 1859. He married Mary Stegner (1845-1921), also a German immigrant, in 1862, and moved to Wilmington, N.C., in 1887. He was proprietor, with his Read more…

E. C. Branson papers, 1895-1933.

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Creator: Branson, E. C. (Eugene Cunningham), 1861-1933.
Collection number: 2610
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Abstract: Branson was an educator, author, and editor, president of the State Normal School of Georgia, 1900-1912, head of its department of rural economics and sociology, 1912-1914, and founder and head of the rural social economics program at the Read more…

Earl Warren Oral History Project transcripts, 1969-ca. 1978.

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Creator: Warren, Earl, 1891-1974.
Collection number: 12011
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Abstract: Over 50 bound volumes of photocopies of transcripts of about 150 oral history interviews from the Earl Warren Oral History Project, done at the University of California, Read more…

Broadus Mitchell papers, 1900-1982.

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Creator: Mitchell, Broadus, 1892-1988.
Collection number: 4141
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Abstract: Broadus Mitchell, economist, historian, and liberal thinker, taught until 1939 at Johns Hopkins University, from 1947 to spring 1958 at Rutgers University, and from fall 1958 to 1967 at Read more…

North Carolina Fund records, 1962-1971.

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Creator: North Carolina Fund records, 1962-1971.
Collection number: 4710
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Abstract: The North Carolina Fund, an independent, non-profit, charitable corporation, sought and dispensed funds to fight poverty in North Carolina, 1963-1968. Gov. Terry Sanford and other North Carolinians convinced the Ford Read more…

Jonathan Daniels papers, 1865-1982 (bulk 1935-1980).

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Creator: Daniels, Jonathan, 1902-1981.
Collection number: 3466
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Abstract: Jonathan Daniels (1902-1981) of Raleigh, N.C., editor of the Raleigh News and Observer and author of numerous historical and political books and articles. Daniels was also administrative assistant to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and worked in Read more…

John Burgwyn MacRae papers, 1866-1916, 1974.

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Creator: MacRae, John Burgwyn, 1845-1916.
Collection number: 478
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Abstract: John Burgwyn MacRae of Jackson, Northampton County, N.C., son of Episcopal rector Cameron F. MacRae and Julia Burgwyn MacRae, was a lawyer, owner of a large Read more…

Southall and Bowen family papers, 1833-1959 (bulk 1860- 1906).

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Creator: Southall and Bowen family.
Collection number: 4135
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Abstract: Family correspondence and other papers of four generations of the Southall, Bowen, Wheeler, Moore, and Peebles families of Lowndes County, Miss.; Northampton and Hertford Read more…

Ralph Gorrell papers, 1797-1884 (bulk 1830-1874).

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Creator: Gorrell, Ralph, 1803-1875.
Collection number: 1520
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Abstract: Greensboro, N.C., lawyer, businessman, and Whig state legislator. The papers include family correspondence and scattered letters from prominent North Carolinians on public affairs, but by far the major portion are concerned with legal cases Read more…