George J. Kollock plantation journals, 1837-1861.

Creator: Kollock, George J., 1810-1894.
Collection number: 407
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Abstract: George Jones Kollock of Savannah, Ossabaw Island, and Clarksville, Ga., was a lawyer and cotton planter. The collection consists of plantation journals for Kollock’s three Georgia plantations–Retreat, Rosedew, and Ossabaw Island–from 1837 to 1861, with most of the journals devoted to Ossabaw Island. The journals contain detailed information on the management of planting and farming on plantations using overseers and slave labor. Kollock’s cash crop was Sea Island cotton, and he also planted corn. The journals also provide a record of the lives of the slaves on Kollock’s plantations: their births and deaths, sick days, and daily tasks are noted.

Repository: Southern Historical Collection

Collection Highlights: The journals contain detailed information on plantation management and refer specifically to overseers and slaves. Entries include descriptions of the daily work of slaves; lists of purchased and hired slaves; lists of slave births, deaths, and illnesses; records of allowances and goods distributed to slaves; rules concerning slave management, especially the prescribed number of lashings; and reference to a runaway slave. Microfilm available.

Of particular interest is the Slave Clothing List in Series 4 (Folder 20) which includes details of clothes, shoes, and blankets given to slaves at Rosedew, Retreat, and Ossabaw Island Plantations between the years 1846 and 1861. Also included, on the last page, is an undated list of slave families who had children.