Herman Bell collection, 1967.

Abstract: Interview conducted in Gullah (Sea Island Creole dialect) with Jim Milligan, Christiana Milligan, and Nettie Whaley, all African Americans of Edisto Island, S.C., about life on Edisto Island. Topics include the local environment, effects of the Civil War, houses, food, fishing, and schools. Also included are Brer Rabbit and Brer Cooter stories, proverbs, and animal tales.

Repository: Southern Folklife Collection

Collection Highlights: Interview, conversation and narrative in Gullah dialect by African Americans Jim and Christina Milligan and Nettie Whaley, recorded by Herman Bell on Edisto Island, South Carolina in 1967. Topics include the Civil War, houses, food, fishing, school, local people, and some animal tales. [1 reel, FT1200]