We Shall Not Be Moved Exhibit

We Shall Not Be Moved exhibit flier


We Shall Not Be Moved: African Americans in the South, 18th Century to the Present was an exhibition presented by the Southern Historical Collection (SHC) which focuses on African American history and culture.

Featuring documents, photographs, and artifacts from the SHC, the exhibition highlighted events significant to the African American experience, and displays a number of items that have not previously been exhibited.

The exhibit featured nine themes relevant to African American history and culture—Enslavement, Civil War & Reconstruction, Labor, Education, Military, Politics, the Long Civil Rights Movement, and Community & Culture.

We Shall Not Be Moved is part of a larger project established by the SHC called the Documenting the African American Southern Experience (DAASE) Initiative. Through this initiative, the SHC extends its commitment to documenting African American life in the South. The initiative consists of an expanded collection development, digitization of collections, enhanced description of African American content, public programming and community outreach, and community collaborations and partnerships. During 2009 and 2010, the SHC proudly presents a range of programs centered on the DAASE Initiative, which includes exhibits, lectures, film screenings, tours, and performances.