Thomas Legare receipt book, 1767-1774.

Creator: Legare, Thomas, fl. 1767-1774.
Collection number: 974-z
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Abstract: Thomas Legare was a commission merchant in Charleston, S.C., in the 1760s and 1770s. The volume contains receipts written to Thomas Legare from various individuals whose crops and other goods and property (including slaves) Legare sold. Receipts also appear for services, including cooperage, carpentry work, shipping, and supplies (tar, turpentine, bricks, shingles, and other goods) that Legare purchased for his business and personal use. Signatures appearing most frequently are Henry Ballingal, G. Waddon Bone, Charles Elliott, Joseph Fabian, Thomas Farr, Isaac McPherson, Edward Perry, Joseph Shirving, Vardell & Wilkes, and Edward Wilkinson. Freight receipts often refer to shipments on the schooner “Liberty.”

Repository: Southern Historical Collection

Collection Highlights: One volume containing receipts written to Legare from various South Carolina planters whose crops and other goods Legare sold. Two receipts show that at times Legare sold slaves on commission (1768, 1770). The collection also contains one receipt signed by Abraham Jackson, a free black, for cash received upon Legare’s sale of five pounds of Jackson’s rice (1768).