CDR update for Fall 2010

Repository Status
The Carolina Digital Repository has been an active service since April 2009. We started off with three pilot collections in a pre-soft launch mode. In September 2009, we moved towards an official soft-launch status with more collections and enhanced workflows for collection ingest. We now have over 15,000 objects in the repository and we are constantly growing.

Software Development

Curators’ Workbench, a pre-ingest workflow tool for digital objects is now in use, in a beta state. We have made the software available for download to get feedback from the larger community. Please check out our earlier blog post about this.

We’re working on a new user interface. This will consist of a new look and feel, as well as a rebuilt Solr index that will allow for faceted searching and browsing. The interface will provide a rich full record display and improved discovery.

In September, we deployed Shibboleth for authentication to restricted content. We’re investigating a more holistic approach to access control through Fedora Enhanced Security Layer (FeSL) to enable more granular access control capabilities.

Collection Development
We’re constantly working with potential depositors to acquire digital content from faculty, staff and students. In this period of new collection growth, we’re building up workflows and clear timelines that depositors can understand.

The repository has been fortunate to have a long-standing Steering Committee comprised of library administrators, repository staff and School of Information and Library Science faculty. The Steering Committee helps set big-picture direction and goals for the repository. This year, we formed a committee for the CDR that reports to the Library Technology Council. This committee can help review and approve more specific development plans and near-term planning documents that will help guide technical staff and collecting efforts.

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