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Curator’s Workbench is now Free and Open Source Software

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I’m pleased to announce that workbench source code is now hosted at  I’ll be added more licensing and build information soon (Apache 2).  This is my first git-hosted project, so I am still learning the ropes.  However, I hope that git will facilitate community development on the project, especially of repository or discipline-specific plugins.

The project git page is here:

Before this can be very useful I’ll need to add some more developer documentation.  For now I’ll just mention that the build is orchestrated by Maven 3 and the Tycho plugin.  This mean that even though the project uses the Eclipse framework, it can be build on the maven command line and in continuous integration environments.  A continuous integration server is in the works and setting it up will help me diagnose any lingering build issues in the trunk.  Also coming soon are nightly snapshot and stable builds, which I’ll link to on the download page.

The workbench is designed to update itself and any plugins via update sites.  This means that the workbench will detect when newer versions are available and prompt the user for download/install.  The primary update site and the workbench menu options to support updates are in the works.

If there are any questions about workbench code or functions, please don’t hesitate to post a comment.

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January 13th, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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