Beta Available for Next Workbench Release

We are anticipating a new release of Curator’s Workbench software later this month. In the meantime, there is a beta available for download from the software site.

The new version includes these goodies:

  • Designate a folder as a collection.
  • Set access control policies anywhere in the arranged objects tree.
  • Link folders and collections to surrogate images or objects.
  • There are staging performance improvements for iRODS grids.

There are various improvements to the crosswalk editor:

  • Map to the full range of XML elements and attributes defined or allowed in the MODS schema.
  • You may now nest these output elements to an arbitrary depth in a schema-driven manner.
  • You can set a default value for any text element or attribute.
  • You can pick a default value for XML attributes that have constrained values, such as authority.

There are plenty more issues that are fixed and tweaks.  More details are in GitHub under the Release 1.2 milestone. If you do test the beta build, please let us know how it works for you.

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