A New Curator’s Workbench

Well, I have finally resolved that last tricky bug in the new version and posted the new ZIP files for download. You can get your brand new 1.2 workbench software here:


A complete list of all the enhancements and fixes is on the GitHub site under the Release 1.2 Milestone. Please finish all current projects *before* you upgrade your workbench. Not all the features added in this release are backward compatible.

This release adds a great deal of flexibility to the crosswalk editor, but at the cost of making it somewhat more complex. The crosswalk editor now requires more familiarity with the output schema, i.e. MODS. The next release will attempt to address this complexity in the interface by providing reusable output templates of some sort.

In crosswalks the output elements now map directly to XML elements and attributes. You can arrange XML elements within each other to any depth you like. This allows you to use compound MODS elements, such as titleInfo and subject, in exactly the way you wish. The editor will prompt you with element and attribute choices, based on the schema and the context element (drop target). This means that when you drop a new XML element inside of a titleInfo, you will be asked if you want the title, subTitle, partName, partNumber, or nonSort sub-element. The same schema-driven behavior applies to XML attributes.

Other features:

  • Set default values for crosswalk XML elements and attributes
  • Date makers now support multiple date formats, using the first one to match.
  • ISO8601 date outputs retain only the precision of the format that is recognized.
  • Staging is faster and has better progress bars.
  • Various interface improvements
  • Support for adding access controls within the arrangement
  • Support for linking folders and collections to surrogate images
  • Staging can be disabled and re-enabled on any project
  • More standard save and delete behavior
  • Auto-detection of character encoding for delimited files (in crosswalks)
  • Open, close and delete projects
These features were developed in response to locally needs and priorities. We are using the software in production mode at UNC, while trying to increase the pace and diversity of ingest.
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