Introducing the XML Editor

The jquery.xmleditor is an open source plugin designed to enable simple editing of metadata records for digital objects in the user’s web browser.  In the CDR we primarily use it for MODS editing, but the XML editor works with most schema-based metadata standards, including METS and EAD.   The editor automatically provides basic XML structure validation and only allows use of defined elements, subelements, and attributes.

Try the jquery.xmleditor demo.

The display is strongly visual, providing both a graphical representation laid out in blocks and a syntax highlighted text editor.  Elements, subelements and attributes are easily added via a menu on the right in either view.  The graphical editor also provides many of the standard tools expected in an editor, such as click and drag rearrangement of elements, undo, and keyboard navigation.

It can be easily embedded into an existing web page, and is able to work with existing documents either provided in-line in the page it is embedded in or from a separate address.  For example, in the CDR we embed it in our administrative interface with it pointed to a SWORD 2 endpoint to provide the starting metadata record.  The editor submits the modified documents back to the SWORD repository to perform updates, but can also export the document to a file, browser willing.

The source code and documentation for the editor are available from the jquery.xmleditor GitHub repository.



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