Curator’s Workbench 4.1.1 Release

We have just posted the latest release of the Curator’s Workbench to our download site. This release was focused mostly on metadata mapping tools, with enhancements to deposit forms, crosswalks and dictionaries. At UNC we are beginning to use deposit forms in our production work flow for theses and dissertations. This created demands for new features to support review, aggregate works and email notifications. You will also see better support for the reuse of whole crosswalks and dictionary blocks.

Lastly, we now record the file create date for everything that is captured in METS. Though not yet recorded in our own repository, this was a widely requested feature.


  • Support for “Save as..” for crosswalks, dictionaries and forms.
  • Original file create date is recorded in METS upon capture.
  • Fixed various UI issues for recent versions of Mac OSX.
  • Sanitized the developer setup and documentation.
  • Add or remove a dictionary preference without restarting.
  • Arrangement container type radio buttons work correctly and reflect current setting.

Deposit Forms:

  • Support for upload of multiple files, i.e. deposit of aggregate works.
  • Forms can include contact information.
  • Forms application sends deposit receipts and notifications.
  • Forms application provides more user friendly error reporting and admin notification.
  • Fix for obscure form file corruption issue when dictionary element dropped into an empty form.


  • You can now change the delimited file data source for a crosswalk via a file dialog.
  • Support for mapping text to mixed content elements.
  • Trimming of any empty output XML elements.
  • Fixed a record matching issue that occurred when folders were added manually to arrangement.

Access Controls:

  • Editor redesigned and various bugs fixed
  • Publication control added

Please give the new version a spin and let us know what you think. You can discuss the workbench in our Googleâ„¢ group.

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