Curator’s Workbench 4.1.3 – built-in updates, smooth Mac install

The newest version of the Curator’s Workbench is now available at our download site. Mac users see that we now distribute an .app bundled application, which includes Java 7. This means that Mac OS X users can treat the workbench just like any other .app on their computer. Previously we had quite a few Mac install issues, especially in finding the locally installed Java runtime environment (JRE).

This new version also includes a pre-configured connection to our update site. Within the workbench you can select “Check for Updates” from the Help menu. Then a wizard will guide you through the install of any available updates. This makes it possible to keep the workbench fully updated without replacing the install directory. You therefore keep all your settings intact.

Please contact me if you have questions or feedback.


Greg Jansen

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