New CDR software release for Fall 2013

We deployed a major update to the CDR this morning that includes enhancements we’ve been working on for the past several months.  Here is a list of the highlights.

New Features

iRODS enhancements

Created iRODS rule for delayed replication, improving ingest performance

Automated iRODS rule for quarterly fixity check of all objects preserved in the CDR

In consultation with the Digital Preservation Steering Committee, developed and implemented policies for event logging of ongoing preservation actions


Administrative interface

Designed and implemented improved navigation within collections in the administrative interface

Integrated ingest and status monitors into the admin interface

Integrated searching and faceting within admin interface

Allow sorting in admin interface by title, author, date submitted, and date updated

Users can assign access controls and embargoes

Users can filter by access control attributes

Users can move objects between containers via intuitive drag and drop actions

Users can add/create/update descriptive metadata for any object or container

Users can upload single objects and containers via admin interface

Users can upload METS submissions via admin interface

The interface provides feedback on the progress of operations, and whether operations succeeded


Curator’s Workbench

Created standardized, cross-platform staging locations on networked storage resources

Streamlined the process of staging materials in place via the curator’s workbench

Added the ability to switch staging locations while working on a project

Added the ability to export-share-import projects across Mac, PC, Linux


Public Interface

Indicate in collection browse view which collections have access restrictions

Structure browse facet shows structure back to the nearest collection to maintain context

Cleaned up search query syntax and urls as the groundwork for API work



Upgraded to Solr 4.3

Implemented partial updates in Solr indexing pipeline for more efficient publishing and access control updating

Other changes

Rewrote the public and admin UI structural browse view as javascript library so that it could be integrated with the admin interface’s move operation

View portions of administrative interface now implemented primarily as javascript and templates to allow for a more dynamic interface

Eliminated previous version of CDR administrative interface

Removed the requirement that depositors and owners be objects in Fedora, simplifying user management and streamlining the ingest pipeline

Removed the requirement to prepare a MODS record when ingesting collections or single objects via the admin interface, lowering the barrier for users to create simple objects in the repository.

Reduced browser latency through fewer file requests by adding a build script for combining css and js files

Bug fixes

Applied metadata editor bug fixes

Resolved a bug affecting faceting at the collection view level

Fixed concurrency issues with access control cache

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