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Curator’s Workbench 4.1.0 Fixes Mac Issues

I’d like to extend a special thanks to those that helped us diagnose and resolve several issues on the Mac OS. This point release addresses the problems we had launching the software via the “” file. It will no longer

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Curator’s Workbench 4.0 Released!

We recently released an updated version of the Creator’s Workbench with a number of significant additions to functionality (available for download here). The new version includes the ability to reuse crosswalks, create data dictionaries, and create mapped metadata ingest forms,

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Curator’s Workbench screencast now available!

A screencast demonstration of the Curator’s Workbench software tool is now available on our GitHub wiki.  The demo takes you through a sample project, staging and capturing targeted folders, creating a MODS crosswalk with tabular metadata, and exporting a submission

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Updated Curator’s Workbench User Guide

The Curator’s Workbench Guide v2 expands on the existing documentation and provides more specific details on setting a staging area, creating and matching metadata crosswalks, and wrapping up projects. The updated guide is available on the download page.

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A Curator’s Workbench “Prezi”

It was fun to make and I hope that will also make it fun to present. Just finished the first draft of a Prezi presentation on the Curator’s Workbench. If you wish to pan and zoom in a world of

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Curator’s Workbench is now Free and Open Source Software

I’m pleased to announce that workbench source code is now hosted at  I’ll be added more licensing and build information soon (Apache 2).  This is my first git-hosted project, so I am still learning the ropes.  However, I hope

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Poster: Curator’s Workbench

We prepared a poster for International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC 2010) on the Curator’s Workbench.  60cm by 80cm is not a lot of room, but we did our best.  For more information, come find Erin O’Meara at the poster session.

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Announcing the Curator’s Workbench

I am proud to announce this new desktop tool, which is definitely the coolest software I’ve worked on this year.  It solves several problems we faced in submission work flow and we hope it can dramatically speed up processing for

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