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9 May 1861: “Whereas, Abraham Lincoln has been and is still endeavoring to raise money upon the faith and credit of the so called United States Government, for the purpose of waging a wicked, unjust, unholy and unconstitutional war upon the Southern States…”

Item description: “Resolution on Federal Relations.” Item citation: From Resolutions of a Public Nature, Passed by the General Assembly of North Carolina at its First Extra Session, 1861, C345.1 N87 1860-61, from the North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, UNC Chapel … Continue reading

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7 May 1861: “Knowing as I did that N.C. had always been loyal to Government, I believed she would ever remain so; but have been much astounded at the reports we have from there within the few weeks past.”

Item description: Letter of 7 May 1861 from a D. Clapp, of Danville, Illinois, to William A. Graham.  The letter discusses the issue of slavery and the writer’s understanding of President Abraham Lincoln’s stance on the issue.  In the wake of … Continue reading

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4 May 1861: “The secession movement everywhere scorns all legal forms, & with revolutionary violence siezes on all the national property it can lay its hands on.”

Item description: W. Allen Johnson, New York, to William M. Blackford. Trip from Maryland to New York; problem of getting out of the South; troops and military preparations in New York; favorable description of Lincoln by a man from Illinois; … Continue reading

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29 April 1861: “The slavery question is the cause of all this trouble, 8 Southern states have seceded from the Union, if the North and South can’t agree, they had better separate.”

Item description: Entry, dated 29 April 1861, from the diary of Mary Jeffreys Bethell reflecting on war news and commenting on her sons’ enlistment in the Confederate Army. Item citation: From the Mary Jeffreys Bethell Diary #1737-z, Southern Historical Collection, … Continue reading

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16 April 1861: “But I do warn you that the reign of terror, already inaugurated in Washington, stands, this day, as a despotic example before the country…”

Item Description: Editorial written anonymously by a “southern spy” criticizing the newly elected Abraham Lincoln’s decision to call for federal troops to put down the rebellion in the South. Item Citation: From catalog #2824 Conf. in the Rare Book Collection, … Continue reading

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