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5 February 1865: “We learned from them that the message of President Lincoln to the Congress of the United States, in December last, explains clearly and distinctly his sentiments as to the terms, conditions and method of proceeding, by which peace can be secured to the people…”

Item Description: Report, “Message of the President : to the Senate and House of Representatives of the Confederate States of America (with an Extract from Mr. Lincoln’s message of December last, referred to in the foregoing report)”. [Scans courtesy of Internet Archive … Continue reading

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22 April 1864: “. . . the principles enunciated by him, accord with the true spirit of our institutions, and constitute, in fact, the very ‘foundation stone’ of all liberty.”

Item Description: “Speech of Hon. A. H. Brown” (editorial), The Daily Conservative (Raleigh, N. C.), 22 April 1864, page 2, column 1. References: Speech of Hon. Alexander H. Stephens : delivered before the Georgia legislature, on Wednesday night, March 16th, … Continue reading

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