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28 March 1865: “I am once more a free man, Thank God!”

Item Description: Stephen Tippet Andrews served in the 85th New York Infantry Regiment during the War. In Spring 1864 he was captured by the confederates and imprisoned in Columbia. This letter was written upon his release. He describes his escape from prison … Continue reading

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12 July 1864: “You must bear in mind that in all our marching now we are in the enemy’s Country, and may meet with an attack at any moment.”

Item Description:  Jonathan Lewis Whitaker writing to his wife, Julia, about the USCT regiment marching from Beaufort, through Hilton Head, to Charleston. Details about the troops marching, rations, some fighting w/ Confederate troops. Item Citation:  Letter dated 12 July 1864, in … Continue reading

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26 October 1863: “The plan was to make me responsible for Polk’s supposed delinquency & give Pemberton the Corps. Polk’s manliness and P’s sense of propriety defeated the scheme.”

Item Description: “The following interesting letter, descriptive of the quarrels in the Confederate States’ Army, is printed from the original letter, now before us. We are indebted for it to our friend, Captain C. W. Elwell, of New York City.–Ed. … Continue reading

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24 August 1861: “…authorized to appoint an assayer at Charlotte, North Carolinia, and another at Dahlonega, in the State of Georgia, whose duty it shall be to assay and certify the fineness and value of such gold and silver…”

Item description: Act of the Confederate States of America (approved on 24 August 1861, and later published in The Statutes at Large of the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America) concerning the appointment of two assayers (one in … Continue reading

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