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7 April 1865: “The evacuation of Richmond Petersburg on Sunday last was a hard blow to our cause but I am not discouraged God will yet save us from our Enemies”

Item Description: A letter from a concerned father in Greensboro to his daughter in Chapel Hill who is staying with her Aunt and Uncle. He fears that if Raleigh falls, Chapel Hill will become violent, and is expresses concern that she … Continue reading

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13 March 1865: “I waded through swamps and thickets all day hunting for Clingman’s brigade”

Item Description: This letter is family correspondence between members of Thompson family who lived in North Carolina. It describes the movements of several regiments in North Carolina as well as the suspected location of General Sherman’s army. He also mentions the poor … Continue reading

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9 February 1864: “Some of the Destructive journals of this state and of Richmond appear to be delighted at the disturbance at this meeting.”

Items: “Disgraceful Conduct in Greensborough,” page 1, column 3; “[From the Greensborough Patriot.],” page 2, column 4.  The North Carolina Standard—Semi-Weekly Standard (Raleigh, N. C.), 9 February 1864. Background:  These news articles are a continuation of yesterday’s post.   Transcriptions: … Continue reading

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12 January 1863: “…the pony is very nearly starved into death.”

Item Description: Letter, dated 12 January 1863 from Charles Lockhart Pettigrew to his wife, Jane Caroline North Pettigrew.  The letter describes his visit to the area near Winston, NC where his slaves have been hired out to work on the … Continue reading

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