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21 October 1862: “Gen. Stewart was quite a favorite at Gainesville, especially among the ladies.”

Item description: Letter, 21 October 1862, from Cicero Adams to his wife Mary. More about Cicero Adams:  Cicero Adams was the husband of Mary Hughes and son-in-law of John H. Hughes, all from the Edgefield area of South Carolina. Cicero, along … Continue reading

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9 October 1862: “They asked me who I was, I told them that I was a ‘Rebel,’ they said ‘don’t shoot’ we surrender.'”

Item description: This letter, dated 9 October 1862, was written by James Munnerlyn to his sister, Mrs. D. S. Stocking of Charleston, S.C. Munnerlyn describes a battle with Union cavalry in the town of Frederick, Maryland. The townspeople had been cheering the … Continue reading

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25 June 1862: The Daily Telegraph (single sheet)

ITEM: The Daily Telegraph, June 25, 1862, single sheet, 12.5 x 9.0 inches, printed on one side. CITATION: The Daily Telegraph (Raleigh, N.C.) 25 June 1862, single sheet.  North Carolina Collection call number: VC071 C748 folder 5.  Wilson Library, University … Continue reading

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18 June 1862: “I hear he gives as an excuse for running that his powder was wet, that is story for it had been a fine day and every gun cracked as clear as a whistle.”

Item description: Letter, 18 June 1862, from Benjamin Edward (“Eddy”) Stiles Jr., of the 16th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, to his mother Mary Ann Mackay Stiles. He writes of war news (such as J.E.B. Stuart’s June 1862 ride around the … Continue reading

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