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3 March 1865: “With regard to the prison stations at Andersonville, Salisbury and other places south of Richmond[…] We are satisfied that privation, suffering and mortality, to an extent much to be regretted, did prevail among the prisoners there, but they were not the result of neglect, still less of design on the part of the Confederate government.”

Item description: Report, dated 3 March 1865, of the Joint Select Committee appointed to investigate the Condition and Treatment of Prisoners of War. [Note: The image above is only the first page of the report. Click here to see a complete … Continue reading

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7 October 1863: Drawing of Johnson’s Island Prison, Sandusky Bay near Sandusky, Ohio

Item description: Drawing, dated 7 October 1863, by Joseph Mason Kern, a member of the 13th Virginia Regiment, C.S.A.  The illustration depicts Johnson’s Island Prison in Sandusky Bay, Ohio, where Kern was imprisoned. Item citation: From folder 2 of the … Continue reading

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