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18 May 1864: “Our Indian allies, under Stand Watie and others, who have never wavered in the darkest hours of our struggle, who have sacrificed their all to the great cause of Southern liberty, will ever be gratefully remembered…”

Item description: The Hillsborough Recorder of 18 May 1864 included this news item from the Richmond Enquirer of 5 May 1864. The excerpts are from letters describing a battle between General Stand Watie and the 1st Indian Brigade of the … Continue reading

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5 December 1862: ” I have no doubt but what several hundred of conscripts are lying out in those mountains, but I think that most of them are cowardly…”

Item Description: Letter, 5 December 1862, from Thomas Isaac Lenoir, to his brother, describing his volunteer company’s march into Tennessee and the search for conscripts and the capture of prisoners. [Transcription available below images]  Item citation: From the Lenoir Family Papers #426, Southern … Continue reading

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