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18 April 1865: “I feel provoked to hear the college bell sounding on as though the college was in full blast—a miserable set— not one true man among them and they desire to hand it down in History that the dear Yankees, did not interfere with the regular exercise of the college—when in truth there were not five students here when Wheeler left us.”

Item Description: Letter from Charles P. Mallet to his son Charles B. Mallet.  Written over the course of a few weeks, he describes the Confederate retreat from Chapel Hill and the Union occupation.  He describes the pillaging and foraging going … Continue reading

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20 May 1864: “If only the half of what we hear is true we have gained great and glorious victories.”

Item description: In this diary entry dated 20 May 1864, Samuel A. Agnew, a Presbyterian minister, teacher, farmer, and prominent local citizen in Tippah and Lee counties, Mississippi, noted confirmed victories at Spotsylvania and Drury’s Bluff and rumors of casualties and … Continue reading

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