Hang gliding, circa January 1978.

A hang glider with two passengers sets off from a platform above an unidentified location. The processing date on the Kodachrome slide is January, 1978.

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  1. Does anyone know where John Hughes is buried? John was flying in 1974 and his seat wasn’t fastened. Can anyone tell me more about this incident?

  2. To emackemack: Check the older comments. You recognize some the people and they can help you.

  3. How fitting to find your post on this Memorial Day weekend. John was not buried. His ashes were spread from the top of Makapu’u by a small group of close friends and family. I held his urn, while a friend played taps on his harmonica. He was my ex-husbands and my best friend. John was strapped into his seat. There is a lot more to this story and legacy. I miss you my friend! Fly High. Aloha Nui Loa Jane

  4. The best man at my wedding in 1968 was Steve Rehfeld. His ex-wife, Jeannie told me that he had died in a hang gliding accident around 1978. Any further info on his death would be appreciated. Also, where might I go to find the PBS movie that he appeared in? Steve and I met in 1966 in LA and became room mates at Humboldt State University (then Humboldt State College) for a year. We lost touch in 1970 when I entered the Army. I have had contact with his ex-wife over the years. She was also a student at HSU and is where she met Steve.

  5. I flew with the early pioneers at Waimanalo, back in 72-74. My roommate was Carl Burman (died on the mountain side today in 74). We both had Will’s Wings and knew Bob Wills well. We all had keys to the many locks that guarded the road to the take off site. Most flyers had the diaper seats as I remember. My last day flying was the day Carl was killed. But I still am in awe of those who dare.
    al wanamaker

  6. Like Rich Jordan, I miss Steve and his partner Blythe C. The time I spent, in Waimanalo is a great memory and for those I “Played” with, above the Green Walls, you make those memories, priceless. I heard about Steve’s misfortune and often wondered what became of Blythe. She was so petite and independent. I wish someone would do a movie on the Waimanalo Life, in the 1970’s. We were getting higher and that’s not just on the Hang Gliders. Waimanalo Da Kine

  7. Carl Burman’s birthday was today.. He would have been around 70 .. I was his little brother in the Big Brothers program…

  8. I used to go to Oahu to fly Makapuu late 70’s, early 80’s and recognize many of the names. I used to land on the beach in front of Ray Hook’s house and leave my glider there. I knew about has accident and his move to Fl. but not about his passing. An old hang glider buddy and I were there in the 90’s, neither of us having flown in a few years. We BS’d our way into a couple of rent-a-gliders from a guy named Jeff and flew for a couple hours. Man….flying Makapuu. I’m 72 and still fly every couple years, make sure I can still do it (so far, so good – no problem actually) and keep saying I’m going to get over there and fly Makapuu again. Every winter (someone) wrecks their LongEZ (Google that) and brings it to me to fix. Next winter.

  9. I was not a member of the Waimanalo flying community in the 70’s, but my best friend, Ed Cesar was, and when I visited the islands for work, he took me off tandem above Waimanalo, what an incredible experience! Not sure the exact year, but early 70’s. He moved to the LA area, and lived with me in Redondo Beach for a time with his girlfriend, Barbara Foster. He taught me to fly, hang gliders first, and then airplanes in his 1967 Mooney out of Compton Airport. He and Barbara founded Syncro Aircraft Interiors at Van Nuys Airport, and I lost touch with them after getting married and moving north to the bay area. Ed died in 2002, http://articles.latimes.com/2002/jun/03/local/me-passings3. RIP Ed.

  10. Ron Coe…… Isn’t Makapuu & Waimanalo a magical place? Did you read all of the entries above? They are magical too. I am forever grateful to Hugh Morton, for starting this link. Many of the people, mentioned above, like Ed, are no longer with us. I met Ed at the 1975 World Snow Kite Championships, in Kimberley BC CANADA, where Ed & Bob Wills put on a display of flying Hang Gliders, second to none. I also met Ed, when I live on Laumilo St, in Waimanalo, in 1977-78. I love hearing the stories of those, inspired & changed, by Waimanalo & Hang Gliding. “Waimanalo Da Kine!”

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