General Douglas MacArthur conferring with field officers, Luzon, Philippines, early 1945

Hugh Morton’s caption reads: “Dusty, Mac, Mullins at San Manuel, Luzon.”

4 thoughts on “General Douglas MacArthur conferring with field officers, Luzon, Philippines, early 1945

  1. I have a framed copy of this photo (browned with age) hanging behind me in my office as I type. The story my grandmother told me when she gave it to me after my granddad died was that he (HMM), MacArthur, and the 2 other men were the only men standing at the time the photo was taken…supposedly bullets were whizzing all around. Not sure about the older officer (right) in the helmet, but seems the younger officer (left)with the map and glasses, I believe, was shot and killed within a few hours of this photo. Hard to believe…

    Also, I believe this photo went a long way with the photos my granddad took that were used as guides when a bust was made of MacArthur after the war, perhaps in DC – it’s actually a great profile photo.

  2. Recently interviewed a 85 yr old WWII Veteran who was in Luzon around the time of this picture being taken..he stated in the interview that he would salute to MacArthur as he pulled out of the U.S. Embassy in his 42 Cadillac with flags on it. Very interesting indeed.

  3. My dad brought back an official government flag made for the United Nations or MacArthur before the United Nations signed the official charter. The flag is from that time and location with all gold tassels with the flag being all hand sewn on both sides. The flag depicts a two-tone brown globe with a red banner that has United Nations printed on the banner.

  4. The man on the right was my great uncle Francis Ayres. He survived the war only to be killed driving over a land mine in the Philippines on his way home. His only son, my great cousin, John, just told me last week that he purchased a Time Life magazine that just happened to have a picture of his father standing next to General MacArthur. He never met his dad.

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