Hugh Morton with movie camera atop plane “Go Gettin’ Gal,” World War II, early 1940s

10 thoughts on “Hugh Morton with movie camera atop plane “Go Gettin’ Gal,” World War II, early 1940s

  1. Thanks, Ashley, for writing. I have been wondering about this photograph for some time. Would be please tell us more about the plane and your father and where he flew?

  2. My cousin, Susan Brown( USN )sent us a pic of herself and the crew from Hawaii in i942

  3. I actually have a piece of this plane. While sailing around the world 1983-1986 I stopped at Penrhyn Atoll. While there I traded a can of corned beef for a lure made from Mother-of Pearl shell and a piece of aluminum from a bomber that crashed there during WW2.

  4. Hello, I am seeking permission from the owner of this photograph to include this photograph in my PhD thesis that I am working on that has to do with the Americans during WWII during the friendly occupation of the Cook Islands. I know that this particular plane has a wartime history in both Penrhyn and Aitutaki.
    Marsa Dodson

  5. Je pense que cette photo a été faite en Nouvelle-Calédonie en 1942 sur l’aérodrome de la Tontouta géré par le 13 ème Air Groupe Dépot. Hugh Morton a fait beaucoup de photos en Nouvelle-Calédonie dans cette année. Ensuite il est revenu pour une tournée avec le USO tour. La collection de l’UNC a également des photos de Hugjh Morton devant les bureau du 161 ème signal photographic compagny à Nouméa.

    J’habite en Nouvelle-Calédonie à Nouméa et nous commémorons le passage des force américaines sur notre ile entre 1942 et 1946.

    I think this photo was taken in New Caledonia in 1942 on the airfield Tontouta managed by the 13th Air Depot Group. Hugh Morton made ​​many pictures in New Caledonia this year. Then he returned to tour with the USO tour. Collection of UNC pictures of Hugjh Morton’s office before the 161st Signal photographic compagny in Noumea.

    I live in New Caledonia in Noumea and we commemorate the passage of the American forces on our island between 1942 and 1946.


  6. Merci Marcel-Luc! I am very interested in Morton’s WWII-era photographs and really appreciate your comment. I will be revisiting Morton’s photographs from this time period in coming weeks, because Morton’s first year in the army spanned 1942-1943—seventy years ago. Please visit again.

  7. hi just trying to find pictures if any taken in penrhyn cook islands around the 1940s world war two hope u can help thanks and much appreciated

  8. Marsa Dodson my grandfather was on tongareva in WWII , I have photos, pleas contact me, I am interested in your dissertation

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