Newly discovered John Loudermilk photograph

Here’s a newly identified photograph of John D. Loudermilk (also known back then as “Johnny Dee”) performing on a stage with three band members.  This image likely got passed over for scanning when processing the Morton collection because, as you can see in the scan, the negative is a double exposure—albeit very lightly so.

I’m researching images for an upcoming exhibit called “Curating Sound” and I scanned the unidentified negative just to see what was depicted.  The photograph probably won’t be in the exhibit, but I wanted to share it here because it probably hasn’t seen the light of day before now.

Can anyone venture a guess on the date, venue, or some identify the band members?  You can’t tell from the scan as it’s sized for this blog post, but John is playing a Gagliano acoustic guitar, and the guitarist on the left is playing a Gretsch electric.  Does that information help to date the image? John are you still reading along out there?