Photographic Angles: exhibit of news photographs from the North Carolina Collection

Photographic Angles Exhibit and Hutchins Lecture announcement

"Photographic Angles" Exhibit and Hutchins Lecture announcement. (Click image more information)

Hugh Morton’s news photography makes a two appearances in “Photographic Angles: News Photography in the North Carolina Collection,” the exhibit currently installed in the North Carolina Collection Gallery.  We had a “soft” opening earlier this month to accommodate a couple of events in the area, but Thursday, November 1st is the celebratory opening for the exhibition.

I’ve been researching the news-photography-related collections the past several months looking for images to include in the exhibit, which is why I have been a little quieter than usual here.  Two Morton photographs are part of the exhibit.  One is the scene of Julian Scheer walking through debris-filled flood waters during Hurricane Hazel in 1954, which we are using for publicity handouts and webpages.  I picked this image for our announcements way before Hurricane Sandy her presence known!  The other is Morton’s amazing capture of a caber toss with Grandfather Mountain perfectly in the background during the first Grandfather Mountain Highland games in 1956. (Don’t forget to look at the feet of the tosser and referee!)

The 5:00 gallery opening will be followed at 5:30 by the James A. Hutchins Lecture sponsored by the Center for the Study of the American South.  The speaker will be Jim Wallace (UNC ’64), who, like Hugh Morton, was a student photographer for The Daily Tar Heel.  During his time working for the newspaper, Wallace photographed events and activities that formed part of the “civil rights struggle” as those involved called their efforts for equal accommodations.  His photographs from this important era are represented in a book published earlier this year, Courage in the Moment: The Civil Rights Struggle, 1961-1964.

Wallace’s lecture will be prefaced by an introductory presentation by Associate Professor Patrick Davison, UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication, on the current and future state of photojournalism. The theme for their talks will be, “That we may know by our eyes.”

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