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The results are in…and the Blue Ridge Parkway is North Carolina’s top natural wonder according to Land For Tomorrow’s recent contest. Read more about it at: Blue Ridge Parkway is N.C.’s top natural wonder

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Named “Areas” At UNC?

UNC Trivia questions…. 1. What is the grassy area between Stacy, Everett, Lewis, Graham, and Aycock Dormitories called? 2. How about the grassy area between Ruffin, Mangum, Manly, and Grimes Dormitories? 3. How about the grassy area between Manning, Murphey, and Saunders Halls?

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Whatever your opinion of the long-disputed Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, thisĀ  bronze-clad sculpture of deliveryman Captain James Jack isĀ  quite a piece of advocacy art. I can think of two other examples of equestrian statues in North Carolina: Gen. Nathanael Greene in Greensboro and R. J. Reynolds in Winston-Salem. Are there more?

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