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NC Bible Records Update

On 26 May 2009, we featured a project by the North Carolina State Archives and the North Carolina State Library, “North Carolina Family Records Online.” Well, we recently received word that over 300 additions have been made, mainly focusing on surnames that begin with the letters G-L. Check it out.

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Death noted: Before James J. Kilpatrick reconstructed himself as the Avuncular Grammarian, he functioned as segregation’s most emphatic theoretician, one day touting the legal stratagem of interposition, the next accusing the New York Times of “Negrophilia… a pattern we are getting pretty God-damned sick of.” Only rarely in those days was Kilpatrick’s racial bias mitigated […]

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On this day in 1897: President William McKinley, en route to Washington by train, arrives in Asheville for an overnight stay at the Biltmore House. George W. Vanderbilt is out of the country and has left in charge E.J. Harding, who precipitates a minor flap by briefly refusing entrance to the White House press. “Mr. […]

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