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Bombs Over Goldsboro

I just noticed this in the news: Witnesses, survivor gather to remember B-52 crash …and it reminded me that we had written a past “This Month in North Carolina History” on it: Bombs over Goldsboro

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— Eastern North Carolina: Birthplace of the front porch? — From the Prelinger Archives, an earnestly hokey look at “Southern Highlanders.” — If only Tony Bennett had left his heart in Wilmington…. — What a coincidence — Bigfoot’s eyes are the color of Zagnuts!

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“In Chapel Hill, N.C., after grimly watching his school’s football team drop three games in a row, University of North Carolina Cheer Leader Harry Benton Thorp turned in his megaphone, reported to the coach as a team candidate.” — From Time magazine, Nov. 17, 1952

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