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The State Library of North Carolina has digitized and uploaded a number of Civil War related publications (both state documents and publications by the NC Confederate Centennial Commission) to the NC Digital Collections. Bloody Sixth: the Sixth North Carolina Regiment http://digital.ncdcr.gov/u?/p249901coll22,284870 Bloody Sixth: the Sixth North Carolina Regiment: Footnotes http://digital.ncdcr.gov/u?/p249901coll22,285391 Register of North Carolina troops, […]

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Once again the General Assembly takes the floor, and once again we can expect the ensuing somnolence to be relieved by intermittent bursts of rhetorical excess. Three favorites from past sessions: — Opposing a 2006 ethics bill that would cut back legislators’ take from lobbyists, Rep. Drew Saunders, D-Mecklenburg, argued that “Even the baby Jesus […]

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