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“At the very least, we can definitively trace the term to 1937, when it was used in a popular song. It is likely that Cackalacky’s etymology runs much deeper, however…. “It may have arisen from a kind of sound-play utterance used to refer to the rural ways of people from Carolina — a play on […]

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“North Cack n. (Southern sl.) new school “1. North Carolina. (var. North Caclalacka/Cackalacky/Click/Clicky, N. Cee) “ex: ‘I’m about to make this run to North Cack.’ ” —  From “Street Talk: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage” by Randy Kearse (2006) According to a feature in Saturday’s New York Times, “Mr. Kearse, 45, went […]

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