Sarah Addison Allen. The Sugar Queen. New York: Bantam Books, 2008.

Josey Cirrini, the main character in this novel, is not doing much with her life. At 27 she is still under the thumb of her cold, beautiful mother. Josey likes to stay in her room, reading and eating candy. One day, Della Lee Baker, the town’s tough-talking, bad-girl waitress takes refuge in Josey’s closet. Josey wants Della out, but Della’s strong personality gives her the upper hand. Della fills Josey’s head with new ideas and gets Josey to do her favors. Doing Della’s bidding launches Josey out into the world, which is much more complex and wonderful than she ever imagined. With nudging from Della and help from a new friend, Josey makes a better life for herself.

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