Virginia Kantra. Home before Midnight. New York: Berkley Sensation, 2006.

It’s a cliche, but it’s still as true as the day Thomas Wolfe wrote it: You can’t go home again. Or, if you do, watch out!  Paul Ellis is the author of best-selling true crime books.  When he decides to write about a 1987 triple murder in Stokesville, North Carolina, Ellis and his wife move back to her family home in the town. As luck would have it, his research assistant, Bailey Wells, is also a Stokesville girl.  Bailey is reluctant to return to Stokesville, but Ellis is both an employer and a mentor to her, and she may be in love with him. When Mrs. Ellis is murdered, the local police settle on Bailey as the prime suspect.  While the police want to wrap this case up quickly to avoid bad publicity, the lead detective, Steve Burke, is torn between duty and his attraction to Bailey.  As the evidence mounts that Mrs. Ellis’s murder may have some connection to the slayings in 1987, the body count rises.

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