Michael Malone. The Four Corners of the Sky. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, 2009.

Annie Peregrine never knew her mother. On Annie’s seventh birthday, her dad abandoned her. Moments before he left, he gave her a plane–not a toy plane, but a real airplane, a Piper Warrior. Annie is brought up by her aunt and uncle, and she is visiting them on her twenty-sixth birthday when she receives a call from the Miami Police Department.  It seems Annie’s dad has had quite a career as a con man.  The FBI is on his trail because they think he has a stolen Cuban relic.  In short order, Annie’s dad, Jack, calls too.  He wants Annie (now a Navy pilot) to fly that old gift plane to him.  “Meet me in St. Louis” says dad, who also claims to be dying. St. Louis is just a way station, as Annie soon heads to Miami and points south. Her goals are to help her dad and learn the name of her mother. Annie doesn’t get all that she wants, but she does have some great adventures and she finds true love. While Annie takes center stage, the book also contains stories of other members of Annie’s colorful extended family.

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