T. Lynn Ocean. Southern Peril. New York: Minotaur Books, 2009.

Why is it that new restaurant owner, Morgan, does not want Jersey’s help after his apartment has been trashed by intruders?  His sister, a state supreme court judge in South Carolina, calls in a favor from Jersey to get Jersey to look into the break-in and her brother’s strange behavior.  Morgan–and his father–have their secrets, but the restaurateurs are not the only ones in Wilmington who have done things they need to hide.  The Drug Enforcement Administration comes to town and their investigation seems to focus on Morgan’s restaurant.  Although one DEA agent catches Jersey’s eye, she has just moved her relationship with Ox to a new level.  As Jersey’s relationship with Ox grows more complicated, Jersey also comes to see her dad in a new light, as he helps her with the case.

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