Kim Wright. Love in Mid Air. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2010.

“Kelly is the only one who knew me when we were both young and pretty, when we were impulsive and the world seemed full of men, and we would find ourselves sometimes transported by sex, picked up and carried into situations that, in the muddle of memory, seem a bit like movie scenes. She is the only one who would understand that I am relieved to find a sliver of this girl still inside me.”  So muses Elyse, a 30-something married woman, after a chance encounter on a plane with an amorous investment banker.

That chance encounter makes Elyse rethink her comfortable, but unexciting life.  Should she push for more from her husband? Begin an affair with Gerry? Her circle of women friends–especially Kelly–are are privy to some of  Elyse’s thoughts, but in the end it is Elyse herself who must decide what her life will be.

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