Ted Miller Brogden. Jigsaw. Charleston, SC: T.M. Brogden, 2010.

Cape Thomas is going through a mid-life crisis. He has just lost his job as a pilot, and the woman he has loved for over a decade is slipping further away from him. To make matters worse, Cape had a vision that he cannot shake. The image, of a woman holding a baby on his porch, has put him on a quest to find a former flame – and possibly his child.

Although finding someone from nearly twenty-five years ago will be difficult, Cape is up to the challenge. After all, the mission seems innocent enough. However, Cape soon finds himself involved in a dangerous situation. When he begins asking the wrong questions to powerful but unsavory people, everything that is dear to Cape is put at risk: a budding relationship with a beautiful woman, his flying career, and his honor. Will Cape realize the truth of his vision – and solve the puzzle – before it’s too late?

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