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Sandra Z. Bruney. Angels Unaware. Columbia, MD: Draumr Publishing, 2010.

At Christmas Kat Knightly saw a reflection of herself and her husband, Jordan, in a mirror and thought to herself that they were a handsome couple in the prime of life.  By summer that all has changed.  A cancer diagnosis sends Kate down a path of surgeries and chemotherapy–treatment that leaves her bruised, scarred, and bald.  Jordan finds Kat’s illness an annoyance–her medical appointment take him away from his business, and Kat is not able to fix his meals and entertain his clients as she had done–and Jordan is not comfortable around illness. Instead of standing with Kat in her time of need, Jordan leaves to open a new office in a town a few hours away. The novel follows Kat as she makes a new life for herself–living on her own, finding a job, deepening her relationship with her son, and finding true support and comfort with new friends.

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