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Michael Cogdill. She-Rain. New York: Morgan James Publishing, 2010.

Young Frank Locke grew up in a bad situation.  His father, a World War I veteran, was an angry, violent man with a taste for both alcohol and opiates.  Work in the mill and jealousy of his sister only further embittered Frank Senior.  Young Frank’s mother and grandparents loved him, but their love, wisdom, and generosity could not change the basic conditions of his life.  But the Lockes weren’t the only poor people in and around their mountain town.  Mary Lizbeth Hunter grew up nearby, a  wild child, left to roam the woods.  She and Frank met in school where Frank’s kindness to her bound them to each other.  Frank and Mary Lizbeth’s story carries through the book, enmeshed in a rich tale of faith and loyalty, but also violence and secrets.

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