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Matthew Corey. Remember the Rollerdogs. United States: Prince Street Publishing, 2010.

Michael Stanton is having a quarter life crisis. Although he has a good job with the local Triangle television station’s graphics department, Michael misses his college days at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Everything was less complicated before he was responsible for his bills, and he had more time for his hobbies, such as hockey. His relationship with his girlfriend of three years, Alison, was also better. Although they are engaged now, Michael is beginning to wonder if their recent arguments and the tension between them foreshadow what their marriage will be like. Alison has become combative, controlling, and distant. One example of this is her discouragement of his joining the Rollerdogs, a recreational roller hockey team, with his friends. When Michael and Alison decide to end their engagement, he realizes that he needs to make some changes. He allows himself to get closer to his teenage hockey pen pal, Mandy, who lives in Atlanta. Although there is a sizable age difference between the two, Michael sees value in their friendship. He also starts to exercise more and eat healthier, and he finally joins the Rollerdogs. With his new-found self-respect, commitment to Mandy, and support from his hockey teammates, Michael enjoys a new happiness and discovers that not all change is bad.

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