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E. M. Schorb. Fortune Island. Williamsburg, VA: Cherokee McGhee, 2009.

Jessie Judas is certainly the most famous person from Fortune Island, a small part of the Outer Banks.  At sixty, Jessie is an internationally known marine biologist whose books have reached a broad audience and shaped public debate about the environment.  Fortune Island was barely inhabited when Jessie was growing up, but those few people–good and evil–shaped her life.  A loving but sick mother, the midwife who brought her into the world, and Ruth, an educated woman who came from Boston to study the folklore of the area, nurtured her and sought to protect her. But as Jessie reached her teens, she misunderstood the adults around her, precipitating a crisis that deprived Ruth of the man she loved and haunts Jessie the rest of her life.

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