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Gregory Seaworthy. Bertie, or, Life in the Old Field. Philadelphia: A. Hart, 1851.

This is a novel of plantation life, set along the shores of Albemarle Sound.  It includes scenes of farming, fishing, church events, and socializing, and it gives a nice sense of the landscape of the area.  Most of the action in the novel centers on the romantic relationships of six couples.  The presence of a Yankee “professor” who misunderstands local speech and customs adds humor, but this is very much an antebellum work, and readers today might find some of the humor off-putting.

Capt. Gregory Seaworthy is a pseudonym of George Highby Throop. Throop was once a tutor to the children of Cullen Capehart, a plantation owner in Bertie County.  All Throop’s novels are thought to draw upon his experiences with the Capehart clan.

Check this title’s availability and access an online copy through the UNC-Chapel Hill Library online catalog.

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