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Marian Sims. Storm before Daybreak. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott and Co., 1946.

Paul Shannon, a Marine veteran, returns home to Hartsboro (a fictionalized Charlotte) at the end of World War II.  Paul had always liked to party and run around, but the war has changed him.  Things at home have changed too.  Unbeknown to Paul, his mother has died and his brother Jim has abandoned his young wife and child in the family home.   Paul moves into the house with his sister-in-law and they soon fall in love.  Jim’s return creates a crisis.  The novel has psychological depth; it’s also a window on social mores of the mid-twentieth century.

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Inglis Fletcher. Roanoke Hundred. Indianapolis, IN: Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1948.

Sir Richard Grenville is the hero of this novel about the first attempted settlement of Roanoke Island (1585-1586), while Governor Ralph Lane is portrayed as a weak leader.  Much of the action takes place in England before the expedition sails and after the explorers return.  The reader gets a good sense of Elizabethan politics and the excitement that exploration held for well-born adventurers.  Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake, John White, Richard Hakluyt, and Thomas Hariot all have roles in the novel.   The lowly-born Colin provides additional human interest, as he becomes a trusted aide to Grenville and a suitor to one of Grenville’s wards.

This is the fifth novel in Fletcher’s Carolina Series.

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