How to Find More N.C. Novels

The “Read North Carolina Novels” blog lists many works set in the state and it is growing all the time, but it by no means covers everything. There remain hundreds of North Carolina novels for you to discover on your own. Here’s how:

The North Carolina Collection, in Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, holds the state’s premier collection of North Carolina literature and is open to the public. In order to search its holdings, go the UNC Libraries catalog, select a “Subject” search and enter the phrase “North Carolina Fiction.”

“NoveList” is a helpful database available in North Carolina public and college libraries through NC Live. It provides basic information on novels and includes special features like “Find Similar Books.” Although the search engine allows you to search for novels using a number of criteria, doing an advanced search for “North Carolina” in “SU Subject” will provide a substantial list of N.C. novels. Look for NoveList in the listings of databases or electronic resources on your library’s website. is an online service that helps individuals and organizations catalog their books online, but it also has a variety of other features, including links to book dealers and bookstores, reading recommendations, reviews, and online book conversations. The easiest way to find North Carolina novels using LibraryThing is to go to their search page and search for “North Carolina, fiction” or “North Carolina, novels” in the tags section.

Visit your local public library or bookstore.  North Carolina’s public libraries and bookstores–especially independent bookstores–often have sections or displays dedicated to local fiction.  They also have knowledgeable staff who can help you make selections.  Also, check out bookbuying websites like or to see what they have to offer.

8 Responses to How to Find More N.C. Novels

  1. Rebecca R.

    I’m searching for a non-fiction book about a Chapel Hill family that involves money and scandal. The title has either the words, “Little”, “Miss” or “Money” in the title. The front of the book is green.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone?

  2. Emily Jack

    Thanks for your comment, Rebecca. Is it possible you’re referring to H.G. Jones and David Southern’s recently published Miss Mary’s Money?

  3. Mindy

    I’m looking for a book I read about a young girl whose parents die and she goes to live with her aunt and uncle in Davidson, NC.

  4. Emily Jack

    Hmmm… That’s a tough one. Any of our other readers have ideas?


    That’s the Lake Series…Amazon has it or Kindle. There are 3 novels in the series. I enjoyed them.

  6. Emily Jack

    Thanks for your helpful response!

  7. April Ulrey

    Looking for a novel written by a man – can’t remember his name, of course. Or the title of the book either. Paperback cover has part of NC map on it, probably an area in the center of the state. Story about a conservative, uptight CPA or real estate agent caught up in wild goose chase, meeting unusual, comical people of all walks of life along the way, caught up in hilariously complicated situations, ending with revelations about his father. His wife is liberal and very unsympathetic to his narrow-mindedness. The book begins with something about a lady rolled up in a rug, taken down the elevator with the janitor. Nothing is as it seems, he slowly begins to realize. Hilarious throughout. Not much to go on, but can you help me remember what I read in late 90’s, early 2000’s.

  8. Emily Jack

    Thanks for your question, April. That’s a challenging one! I’ll look around a bit — but also throw it to our other readers. Does this ring bells for anyone?

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