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Lisa Klein. Cate of the Lost Colony. New York: Bloomsbury, 2010.

The death of Catherine Archer’s father in 1583 prompts Queen Elizabeth to invite her to Whitehall to be one of her maids of honor. While in London, Catherine (nicknamed Cat by the Queen) meets Sir Walter Ralegh and becomes enchanted by him. The two secretly begin writing poems of love to each other, and Catherine dreams of joining him in the New World.

However, Catherine and Ralegh’s clandestine relationship comes to a quick end when the queen finds the letters and abruptly sends Catherine to the Tower of London as punishment for her betrayal. Later, thinking that she has found an even stiffer penalty, Queen Elizabeth orders her prisoner to the Virginia settlement. Although the queen believes this to be a hard sentence, Catherine is excited to see America – even if she is without Ralegh.

After enduring months at sea, Cate (as she likes to be called now) and the rest of the Roanoke Island settlers arrive in the New World. Unfortunately, relations between the English and the Native Americans are tense. Conditions are not what were expected, and the expedition leaders return to London for aid, promising to return quickly. Cate works with Manteo, the Croatan translator, in trying to mediate between the two groups. Manteo and Cate feel a mutual understanding, and a trusting relationship develops between them.  Although the English fight in the beginning, they soon realize that while they wait for rescue they must live peacefully among the Croatans to survive.

Three years after Cate and her fellow settlers arrived on Roanoke Island, an English ship carrying their rescuers arrive. However, they are happy living among the Croatans and refuse to return to England. Although their rescuers, including Sir Walter Ralegh, do not understand why they are determined to stay, they depart without them. It is agreed that the Englishmen will not speak of their interaction with the settlers, simply saying that they were not found and their fate is a mystery.

This story is recounted through the perspectives of Catherine Archer, Sir Walter Ralegh, and Manteo. Lisa Klein provides an interesting ending to the tale of the Lost Colony.

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Lynne Hinton. Wedding Cake. New York: Avon, 2010.

Beatrice, Charlotte, Jessie, and Louise have had an eventful year. Margaret’s death was hard on the “Forever Friends,” and they continue to grieve for her. The women often discuss what Margaret would think of their lives and what advice she would offer. Beatrice is struggling with her daughter Robin’s engagement to a man who Robin has never mentioned or introduced to her. Charlotte is unsure of her new boyfriend’s close relationship with his ex-wife, who happens to be a resident at her shelter for battered women (he is not the perpetrator). In the midst of celebrating her husband’s return home after a long and painful absence, Jessie discovers an affair he had years ago while living in Baltimore. Jessie is hurt, and she is unsure if she wants to renew her vows with James after this revelation. Louise is shocked when the husband of recently deceased friend, a man she never had a strong relationship with, proposes to her. In all of these situations, the four realize that Margaret would encourage them to keep their hearts and minds open and to love and be loved.

Wedding Cake is Lynn Hinton’s fifth book in her Hope Springs series.

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Terrell T. Garren. The Fifth Skull: A Historical Novel of the Civil War and the American West. Spartanburg, SC: Reprint Co., 2008.

It’s 1864, the last year of the Civil War, when a new conscription law establishes the Confederate Junior Reserves, which requires boys to serve in the army after their 17th birthday.  Protagonists Billy Nick Long of Henderson County and John Rattler of the Snowbird Cherokee Community are sent to Camp Vance in Morganton, NC, along with other members of the Junior Reserve.The boys have not yet been trained or provided with weapons when Union soldiers raid the camp and take the boys as prisoners of war.  In order to save their lives, the boys join the Union Army’s Galvanized Regiments and head west towards California and Oregon to fight in the American Indian Wars.  Garren’s novel weaves historical evidence of the crimes and atrocities committed during these two wars with his coming-of-age tale of two North Carolina boys.

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Joyce and Jim Lavene. Last One Down. New York: Avalon Books, 2004.

When Sheriff Sharyn Howard leaves Diamond Springs to attend a law enforcement training retreat, her staff must solve a murder and deal with a sniper in town.  Meanwhile, Sharyn has her own problems.  One of her deputies is seriously injured when he falls down an old mine shaft, another man is found dead in the woods, and several others are killed when a car explodes.  Unfortunately, the retreat is in an abandoned mining town on isolated Sweet Potato Mountain, their radio is broken, and a vicious storm begins flooding the area streams.  This is the tenth book in the series of Sharyn Howard mysteries.

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Alan Armstrong. Raleigh’s Page. New York: Random House Books for Young Readers, 2007.

Ever since he first learned about the New World, eleven-year-old Andrew has dreamed of going there himself and seeking his fortune. When his father decides to send him to London to become a page for Sir Walter Raleigh, Andrew is on his way to the adventure he craves. He faces homesickness, meanness from his fellow pages, and tests concocted by Sir Raleigh to prove his skills and loyalty. He also journeys to France and–finally!–the New World, where he becomes friends with an Algonquin boy named Sky.

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Margaret Lawrence. Roanoke. New York: Delacorte Press, 2009.

Gabriel North, a young man employed by Lord Burghley, is known to have a way with women. In an attempt to avoid war with the Native Americans at Roanoke, Burghley sends North there to seduce the Secota princess, Naia.  The English are convinced that the tribe controls gold mines and pearls beds, and they want those resources for themselves. North goes with Ralph Lane’s 1585 expedition, but the results are not what North’s handlers wanted.  In an attempt to make things right, North returns with John White’s colonizing expedition in 1587. The story is narrated by Robert Mowbray, another one of Burghley’s spies, and the action moves back and forth between America and England.  The mixed intentions, misunderstandings, physical deprivations, cruelty, and bad luck that attended the English on Roanoke are well portrayed, along with betrayals on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Sallie Bissell. In the Forest of Harm. New York: Bantam Books, 2001.

Prosecutor Mary Crow’s trip to the mountains with her two college friends was supposed to be a celebration; she has just won her sixth murder case in a row. The plan was to stop in her childhood hometown of Jump Off, NC and then hike and camp for two days in the Nantahala National Forest. Their plan quickly goes awry. The women face two very different men who are intent upon hurting or killing them; one is a seasoned serial killer who has stalked victims in the forest for years and one is a man with a personal grudge against Mary. This is the first book in the series of Mary Crow thrillers.

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David Fuller Cook. Reservation Nation. Albany, CA: Boaz Publishing Co., 2007.

The Uwharrie people no longer exist as an identifiable group in North Carolina but David Fuller Cook has used their name in this novel set on a Indian reservation in an unnamed state, possibly North Carolina.  The novel is narrated by Warren Eubanks, a member of the tribe who has grown up in the care of his grandparents.  Warren, whose Indian name is The Seed, moves back in forth in time, talking about people and events in his childhood, and stories of earlier times, trying to understand Native American culture, the intentions of white people and institutions, and the choices that his relatives and neighbors have made.  Shifting federal government policies, tribal government, mineral rights, Christian mission schools, and the American Indian Movement all appear in the narrative, but the book never feels like a history lesson.   Instead, the reader is taken into the narrator’s world, becoming immersed in the reservation and the lives of its people.

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Andrea Ferrell. Autumn Seclusion. Victoria, BC: Trafford Publishing, 2007.

This first novel is a coming of age tale, told in the first person.  Anna is brought up in a strict religious family near the North Carolina coast.  She absorbs most of the lessons of her upbringing, but her family rejects her when she begins dating a Native American student while at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Cut loose from her parents, Anna drifts into drinking and then a disastrous marriage.  Her teaching career provides her with the opportunity to leave this country for Thailand where she finds inner peace through self-acceptance and forgiveness.

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E.A.B.S. (E. A. B. Shackelford). Virginia Dare: A Romance of the Sixteenth Century. New York: Thomas Whittaker, 1892.

In this version of the Lost Colony story, most of the English settlers are killed, but Virginia Dare survives. In 1607, she goes north to Powhatan’s country, but the Jamestown settlers never learn of her existence. The remnants of Manteo’s tribe become Christians, and Virgina marries Manteo’s son Iosco.

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