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Software Provides New Look at Digital Library Collections

Online visitors have new options for interacting with digital library collections from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Library has implemented software that provides advanced browsing and viewing for most photographs, postcards, letters, drawings, and other items that the Library has digitized and placed online. (View demonstration.)

Users of the Library’s digital collections site can look for the “View in 3D” icon and select it to:

  • Display images side by side on a “3-dimensional wall;”
  • Navigate among those images by scrolling forward, backward, in and out;
  • Opt to view images in a slideshow format;
  • Move with a click from the wall to higher-resolution images with accompanying descriptive data;
  • Search for specific images within the wall display.

“It’s a seamless way to view a large set of materials at a glance and focus in on items of interest,” says Tim Shearer, the Library’s Web development coordinator. Shearer compares the display to an interactive photographer’s lightbox.

The software, from the company Cooliris, may be familiar to viewers from sites such as Google Images, Flickr, and Facebook, says Shearer.

Users who download the free Cooliris software will be able create additional customized views of Library collections, including a whole-screen display that makes it easier to note details and read text.

For questions about the Cooliris implementation, contact Shearer at

New viewing options for digital collections

View in 3D look for this in our collections

When clicked, the “View in 3d” link will open a viewer like this:


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