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“Persistently Patient”: Chancellor’s Award Winner Keeps Media Lab Humming

Greg Klaiber

Greg Klaiber, Digital Media Lab Manager and a winner of the 2010 Chancellor's Award for Excellence

University Library employee Greg Klaiber can usually be found in the lower level of the R.B. House Undergraduate Library, tending to cutting-edge multimedia equipment, and to the people who use it. As manager of the Digital Media Lab in the Undergrad’s Media Resources Center, Klaiber is the go-to person for students and faculty who want to do everything from producing a full-length documentary, to editing field research, to putting the finishing touches on a visual thesis.

In December, Klaiber was honored at a special reception, as one of six UNC employees to win the 2010 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, conferred for “meritorious or distinguished accomplishments.” Klaiber was recognized specifically for developing new and creative ways to meet the needs of Media Lab users.

Klaiber was also the winner of the Library’s 2009 Outstanding Employee Award, recognizing his dedication and expertise in managing the Media Lab.

Winifred Fordham Metz, Klaiber’s supervisor, describes him as “unafraid of trying new approaches in the lab.” She also praises Klaiber’s “persistently patient approach” with faculty and students in the face of stressful scenarios such as looming deadlines and traumatic data losses.

“Greg handles every situation with tact and good humor,” says Metz. “He has an unassuming but extraordinary commitment to excellence in patron service and support.”

For Klaiber, that comes down to keeping things “simple and personal.” Describing his approach to teaching students about digital media production, Klaiber says “I like to make sure that students get the help they need and none of the help they don’t need.”

Klaiber is especially attentive to compatibility among the devices and technologies available in the lab so that everything can work together seamlessly.

“Students benefit from a technical workflow that does not require them to bring any materials of their own,” says Klaiber. “With the tapeless HD cameras we recently added, students can literally hit ‘record’ as soon as they check out a camera.”

For Klaiber, “Every day is unique. I work with some fantastic people here. That fact makes a huge difference. I serve these people as well as the campus community. It’s a satisfying, rewarding place to spend my time.”

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